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Tuesday, November 6th 2007

7:52 AM

So glad It's Tuesday

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I look forward to Tuesdays now because that is when my knitting group meets.  We join up at a starbucks about 5 minutes from my house around 7 and stay until everyone leaves.  Some weeks we have a very small group, 1-2 of us, some weeks, like the last three, we have had large groups of 10 or more at a given time.  It's so nice to sit and talk and knit with other like-minded people.

I really need it today too...

It has been a tough few days. 

Saturday - woke up Super Excited.  I was going to be driving down to Kemper (about 3 hours south of Dallas) to pick up my spinning wheel... WOO HOO.  I have been waiting about 6 weeks or so to have enough money to make the trip down there.  I worked overtime, got a second job, and even joined a medical research study (more on that later) in order to have some extra money to purchase it.  Marty was awesome to me.. Wheel Majacraft Millie in great condition, hand carders, TONS of roving and un carded fleece, as well as about 10 books on dying, spinning, and weaving.  Great deal - well worth the trip.  Spent all my free time this weekend using it.

Sunday - Didn't realize the time had changed saturday night so woke up about 7am - Josh made french toast.  Benjamin on the other hand had a very high fever and was not feeling well at all.  I had to go into work at my part time job and work until about 3:30 - came home exhausted with a killer headache.  Kept the boy highly medicated all day.  He slept with me that night, Josh on the couch.

Monday morning - I had already decided that if he still had a fever monday morning that I was going to stay home and we would take josh to work and return the rental car we had borrowed for our trip to get the wheel.  Well about 10 minutes into our 45 min. commute, Benjamin gets sick all over himself and the back seat.  So, we pulled over, cleaned him off, stripped him down, and went back home.  After a bath and fresh clothes we made attempt #2 to take josh to work.  boy fell asleep in back seat all was good for awhile.  he was pretty good all day so all in all not bad.  Got my Coffee swap package last night and LOVED it!

This morning - I have an interview today with another company so I was going to leave work a little early for a "doctor's appt."  They don't need to know I'm looking else where.  So while trying to iron my favorite blouse this morning, i set the iron too high and burned a huge (3" x 3") hole in the middle of it.  I cried.  Josh hugged me.  I settled for less than perfect shirt.  Josh emailed me and offered to leave work a little extra early and go pick me up a new top.  I love him.

I am just ready for 7pm tonite.  I think I might take my wheel as i am not really actively knitting anything right now... well except that sweater for benjamin... who knows.

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Monday, November 5th 2007

6:15 PM

Coffee Swap 3

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Today I recieved my swap package from my partner for the Coffee Swap 3 and it was awesome!

3 Balls of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK
Pumpkin Coffee Mug
Almond and Dark Chocolate Biscotti
1lb Amys coffee (proceeds go to breast cancer research)
Lemon poppyseed scones mix
Shortbread cookies
Norweigan Crackers / cookies
Lemon Curd (no idea what that is, but its for the scones!)
Vanilla Lip gloss
After Coffee Mints
Fall Leaves air freshener

Since my DH and I want to move to Iceland one day, and we would love to do some international traveling, she picked that as a theme, getting goodies from all over the world.

Very Awesome

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Monday, October 8th 2007

7:42 AM


So I am an uber nerd.  I have been known to engage in nerdly things such as Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering, and Vampire the Masquerade Live Action Role Play...like I said UBER NERD

So when I happened to see a blub on Lime & Violet about Knitwars I had to check it out.  I was happily surprised to see a huge simmalarity to D&D with the avatars, quests, gold, xp, and random encounters.  Very kewl!

Still working on getting the website up and running completely.  I am going to have to use a program at home because the free templates are too complicated to edit.  That surprises me alot. 

I am still dealing with issues at work.  I am most likely going to be forced to call in on Wednesday since they can't decide wether or not I can have the day off or not.

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Friday, October 5th 2007

12:32 PM

My momma said there would be days like this...

So have you ever seen that movie "Office Space" with the character Milton?  Although I would like to think I am a little more attractive and certainly have better people skills, I am officially Milton.  In fact, I am changing my name.  No longer will I be called Kristina - from this day forth I shall be known only as Milton, or that Stapler Guy. 

No.  No one took my stapler.  I have been subjected to a far worse fate.  I am been moved to a "desk" in a copy room at the company I work for.  It is about as pleasant as it sounds.  I have people coming and going in and out of my "office" all day long with little comments like "so who'd you piss off to get moved in here" and "man, how can you work with all these distractions?" In response to that one I just stared.

So... I don't think I am going go anymore.....

I wish!  Unfortunately I do not possess the financial freedoms in which to quit my job without some kind of penalty, like living in a box, which I feel would be quite crowded with my husband and three year old.  Oh well, I guess I will just have to put up with it... or maybe I'll take a cue from my new namesake and burn the place down???!?!?  j/k


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